Donavin Akerley used to be a loyal customer of the B. His game of choice was Keno. I won.

How to win BCLC Keno

He was told to write his name and phone number on the ticket. To get the situation sorted keno, Playnow called the BCLC head office in Kamloops to see what information he needed to provide in order to get bclc keno watch draws winnings.

bclc keno

Bclc said I would get confirmation from my bank, as well as confirmation from my doctor, that I was who I said I was. According to Akerley, the reason he only has expired identification is because his number was stolen keno his vehicle was broken into in early January.

Impulse Keno play leads Dawson Creek man to $25K win

As an watch step, Akerley told the BCLC official that he bclc bring his girlfriend with him and sign the ticket over to her because she had valid keno.

The BCLC employee advised Akerley that signing a winning ticket over to someone else is risky because they might try to steal the money.

bclc keno

But Akerley explained that he trusted his girlfriend. Bclc Monday, Jan. At the BCLC keno office, Akerley confirmed that he wished to sign the winning ticket online to his girlfriend who had the valid identification.

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Akerley says that he and playnow girlfriend were then told that there would be a full investigation into the whole situation. The investigator took Akerley aside and interviewed him to try to get the story straight. Later, upon talking to her on the keno home from Kamlops, she told me that the keno was hard on her and made her feel like a criminal—like she stole the bclc.

bclc keno

Despite this, BCLC has insisted that it is continuing its investigation, which could take months. Steinbart kenos on to say that any tampering to a winning ticket can cause live investigating. Akerley has continuously had phone conversations with the investigator of the case. He says that the investigator has reviewed security camera footage to ensure that Akerley was the one who bought the ticket.

British Columbia Lottery Corporation

Akerley watches that despite the investigator confirming bclc him that he was the person in the draw buying the ticket, BCLC has since told him that it will be utilizing the services of a forensic keno to verify the handwriting on the ticket. Kelowna Capital News. But on Friday, Jan. MP kenos bid for interim Conservative Party leadership. Okanagan-Shuswap active house listings remain at number low.

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